Harmonic Convergence, the newest, large-scale art installation by artist, architect and composer Christopher Janney, is now open at the Miami International Airport. Janney terms Harmonic Convergence “an abstraction of South Florida in color and sound.”


The pattern of glass is composed of colors similar to the original color sequence of “Harmonic Runway.” The color pattern of the glass will mimic the existing “X-bracing” 45 degree-angle pattern on the crosswalk, with color diamonds in a  24? x 24?size.  We specified the VANCEVA system which is the most superior color–glass system on the market today.  Similar to the original “Harmonic Runeway” installation, we utilized colors and laminated glass that  act as a shading factor to meet or exceed the required heat loads for the space.

With speakers placed at regular intervals, it is possible to create a series of ever-changing “sound images” as people move through the space.  Drawing on the sounds of South Florida, the sound-score elicits tropical birds, distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to the area, creating a “sonic portrait” of South Florida.