Byron 1002 , located in Polanco, México is a beautiful  apartment redesigned by ZD+A. The concept revolves around creating an elegant, modern interior design by using  the collection of paintings and sculpture of the client, to highlight the works of art specialist took over the lighting.

The 300 m2 is distributed to the living area, dining room, study and bar, plus two bedrooms, each has its own bathroom. The general pattern is a rectangle that is organized by three Furring of different materials: glass, acid cherry plywood and decorated glass. Each of these contains services, storage areas and private spaces allowing the living area is developed in the negative space defined by them. All the space seems to be very comfortable and elegant.

All the  views are oriented  into the park and the architect wanted  to give the highest possible natural light to the living and dining space. To add a touch of color , the designer use a wall of red glass , which is a smooth transition to the  entertainment area.  Outside you can find two small terraces.