Dutch architect Alexander Nowotny designed a retail space for an optician/eyewear company in The Hague, Netherlands.

The dominant element of shop design is the combination of white-plastered surfaces and strongly grained zebrano wood surfaces. In addition, steel, chrome, glass and perspex were used. The floor is made of white and black ground natural stone, with an admixture of a silver metallic effect, and looks medium-grey.

In the entrance area the white plaster has been combined with steel surfaces. Here the open sunglasses display is positioned, designed to encourage impulse buying. The mid-shop area is lower and more ‘intimate’. The consultation desks are located here. This area features protective wooden ceiling and wall panelling and a wall-mounted oval consisting of dark-violet ‘glamour velvet’. Violet leather, violet and naturally warm LED lighting plus relaxing lounge music enhance the effect. The rear part of the shop reveals a second, open-sided floor. Images are projected onto the stair construction. Each consulting desk is equipped with a small flat screen on a pedestal to provide digital assistance in advisory talks.

The facade of the shop, white marble prior to renovation, was replaced by a front made of glossy black granite. The ‘Hofstede’ lettering was milled out and highlighted with LED light. The entrance was repositioned so that it is now symmetrical to better comport with the classic facade and the in-shop walkway. The shop window design with its combination of matt and clear glass, and the perspex cubes behind this, create a visually exciting and tempting view into the shop, whose strong design is emphasised by its lighting architecture.The lighting uses mostly LEDs. This includes the lighting of the display cases: colour-changing LEDs have been incorporated into their rear panels and shelf floors. Much indirect lighting is employed, becoming a part of the architecture. The 250 LED strips highlighting the floor, ceiling and wall architecture were developed specifically for this shop project.