Everybody poops. But not everybody has a successful wipe. Thus is why everybody wants a smart toilet seat! First step is forget about toilet paper! Bidets are more affordable than ever and great for your bottom! The future of the bathroom will be automated. Innovative new commodes come with washing and drying functions in addition to a host of high-tech and water-conserving features.

A bidet is basically a shallow toilet that sprays water on one’s genitals. It may sound strange but a bidet is actually a fantastic alternative to wiping. A bidet can be more comfortable than toilet paper for people who have just had surgery, given birth, or experience irritable bowel syndrome. Why? Because washing with water is so much gentler than scraping dry paper across your anus. The skin there is actually pretty tender, with lots of sensitive nerve endings. Wiping with dry tissue may irritate and damage the area further.

A Smart Toilet Seat (includes a bidet also)  is an electronic luxury seat that cleanses you with warm water to provide an exceptionally clean feeling. The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and often ineffective, a smart toilet seat quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. The water is injected with air to enlarge the droplets and create a superior cleanse without being too harsh. A smart Toilet Seat offers a posterior wash and feminine wash, kid friendly and improves hygiene.

Toilet paper savings

From cars to toilets, nothing has been left behind in the quest of preserving the environment. Smart toilets are among the products that have emerged in the market taking over from traditional toilets. Buying toilet paper adds up and in the long run is harmful to the environment.According to the paper company Kimberly Clark Corp., maker of Kleenex and Cottonelle, Americans use on average 46 sheets of toilet paper per day. According to Consumer Reports, toilet paper can cost as much as $0.35 per 100 sheets. That can add up to nearly $60 per year on toilet paper per person.

If you require baby wipes as well, that drives the yearly potty costs up. There may be no way to really rationalise expensive bidet-equipped toilets on a purely cost basis, but the replacement toilet seats — those are worth looking into.

A Smart Toilet Seat encourages more hygienic environment by making cleaning in tight spaces and corners easier than ever. Early in the morning or through the winter seasons, this heated seat will keep you warm and cozy. One of them are designed with heated seat, warm air dryer, and automatic air deodoriser for added comfort. The automatic air deodoriser neutralizes bathroom odours by using powerful filters and effectively cleaning the air around the toilet.

An electronic bidet toilet seat is perfect for all family: remote control operated with easy to read, illuminated touch pad, and 2 user memory settings. Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer. And a very important detail, it helps those with limited mobility and disabilities achieve self-care and regain independence! Plus, Some of the best smart toilet brands go beyond to provide extra features like emergency flashing systems or mp3/Bluetooth capabilities. These additional features may cost more but they are worth the money.

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Why smart toilets might actually be worth the upgrade?

Smart toilets are environmentally friendly and make your bathroom feel swankier.

Futuristic flushing

First and foremost, they flush without being touched. Each toilet has a sensor that activates the flushing mechanism. Either it senses when a body has moved away from the toilet and activates a flush or you can wave a hand in front of the sensor to get it to activate. Using a Smart Toilet Seat reduces the need for toilet paper, saving trees and water used to manufacture each roll. As we get older, our mobility can deteriorate and make it increasingly hard to clean ourselves after toileting. Medical conditions and debilitating illnesses can make using the bathroom without assistance almost impossible, but with a smart toilet seat , you can increase your independence and feel cleaner with just one touch of a button. Includes mounting and connection hardware. A Smart Toilet Seat allows users with limited mobility easier access to personalised setting and helps to regain some independence.

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Is the Luxury You Won’t Want to Live Without

The more luxurious appointments try to recreate something like an opulent spa. Some seats will dry your bottom with warmed air, sort of like being pushed through a carwash. I know , it is a little bit expensive, but when people try it, they’ll fall in love with it! Check the latest prices here:

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