As you already viewed we are mad about smart housing products. Introducing the modern accent table. Standing 25 inches tall, this contemporary accent piece compliments any modern setting perfectly. Featuring sumptuous black walnut wood wrapped in grey heather fabric. This table features a powerful built-in bluetooth speaker and wireless Qi charging for the today’s wirelessly enabled smart devices. The table itself has a large rechargeable battery so you can move it for hours of wireless use.

This simple but elegant looking table is a high power surround sound Bluetooth and aux player with 360-degree sound projection, whilst also acting as a power bank for your smart devices and a wireless charger for all wireless charging enabled smartphones. This multi-functional coffee table and night stand is made from premium quality solid black walnut hardwood. While the 360-degree speakers are wrapped in grey heather fabric.
PORTABLE DESIGN – With its large 6600 mAh built-in battery and music playback time of 7 hours without charging, you can move this table anywhere around your home.
WIRELESS CHARGING – Got something to charge, no problem, just put your wireless charging enabled device on top of this table and it will immediately start charging. This table keeps all your wires, chargers and docks away and gives your room a cleaner look.

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ALL THE PORTS – Two USB ports and aux port are conveniently tucked into the side without sacrificing design. You can use the ports to power devices that require a cable.
PLAYBACK CONTROL – With four buttons on the speakers, you have full music playback control. These buttons allow you to power on and off the table, play or pause your music, control volume and even answer.

Save space with this table that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Replaced my old stereo system with this awesome smart table and I am so glad all that crap is gone! I love it! Amazing sound for its size and it is a functioning lightweight table so instead of just taking up space with a whole system including separate speakers and wires it adds function to the the room. It charges a phone perfectly, the sound is surprisingly good, and it adds a nice mid-century look to any room.Sound is great, charges my phone and looks awesome. It has two charging ports plus the Qi charger on the top of the table. It also looks great and fits in nicely with all the wood work of my house. Great price too!


It charges a phone perfectly, the sound is surprisingly good, and it adds a nice mid-century look to any room.

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