If you’ll soon be selling your home, attracting interest from prospective buyers should be among your foremost priorities. As is the case with virtually any other purchasing decision, homebuyers are often drawn in by aesthetic appearance. While appearance isn’t the only factor people take into account before purchasing a home, it’s generally what prompts them to make further inquiries. Fortunately, stepping up your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be a drain on your time or entail breaking the bank. If enhanced curb appeal is what you’re after, the following pointers should come in handy.

Getting Your Yard in Shape

Getting your yard in shape is among the easiest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. Since the front yard is one of the first things prospective buyers notice, it’s in your best interest to take yard maintenance seriously. This means mowing your lawn on a regular basis, tending to any outdoor plants and keeping the area free of clutter. (Granted, if you have small children, the last item is liable to prove challenging.) Additionally, if your front yard is rather sparse, you may want to consider planting some flowers to heighten its aesthetic beauty. If you lack the time, energy or inclination for yard work, consider enlisting the aid of a professional lawn care service like TruGreen.

Illuminating the Front Path

If the street lights in your neighborhood leave something to be desired, illuminating the path to your front door can be an effective way to catch the attention of potential buyers on a nighttime drive. As an added bonus, many path-lighting sets can be purchased at very reasonable prices and are fairly easy to install. Decent lighting can also imbue homes with an air of importance and help them stand out, particularly in poorly-lit areas. The presence of path lights can also prove helpful to homeowners who regularly come home after the sun has gone down.


Regardless of what your home has to offer, most potential buyers are going to be turned off by faded and/or peeling paint. That being the case, if your house could use a fresh paint job, make sure to attend to that before placing it on the market. If you or anyone in your household has experience with house painting, you can save some money by tackling this job on your own. Alternatively, if you lack the time, knowledge or expertise, call in a professional house-painting service.

Pressure Washing

If the exterior of your home is noticeably dirty or stained, pressure washing can be an effective way to clean it up. Although pressure washers can be purchased or rented from virtually any hardware store, they’re highly-specialized tools that can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Pressure washers also come in two different varieties – electric and gas-powered – and the type of washer you’ll need largely depends on the type of job you wish to tackle. If used improperly, pressure washers can prove tremendously damaging to homes (especially wooden ones), so if you have little or no experience with these devices, farming this task out to a professional may be the right call.

Clean Your Gutters

Dirty gutters can imbue a home with an air of neglect, so before proceeding to list your property, give your gutters a thorough cleaning. When carrying out this task, keep an eye out for any portions of gutter that have become bent or developed holes. As resilient as gutters can be, they don’t last forever, and even gutters that are properly cared for will need to be replaced at some point. Many gutter systems can be expected to last about 20 years, with some copper systems lasting up to 50. If gutter cleaning and/or repair is too dangerous or physically strenuous a task for you to tackle, reach out to a seasoned pro.

As any experienced realtor can attest, first impressions are vitally important when it comes to home selling. No matter what your house to offer on the inside, prospective buyers are liable to overlook it in the absence of good curb appeal. Luckily, increasing a home’s curb appeal is far from a daunting task. When it comes to catching the attention of potential buyers, a little bit of time, effort and resources can go a very long way.