If you think about major repairs with the replacement of the windows, it is best to start with them. However, it happens that the repair is done, but you need to urgently replace the window. What to do if your house is already covered with siding? How not to break the big picture and not to go down the drain with such a replacement?

There is a solution, do not despair. If you hired the crew that did the siding installation work and you still have their contact, great. If not, that’s okay. You can search online for replacement window contractors near me or take apart some of the siding yourself.

Preparing for window replacement

It is not possible not to disassemble the siding at all. Because you need access to take out the old window and put in a new one. And without damage to the siding to do so is impossible. Therefore, there are several steps to be done:
Cut the siding panels. Along the perimeter of the window, close to the profile with a bolt cut plastic panels.
Remove the excess. Trim strips, crates or other parts of the facade, all that is adjacent to one remove, so as not to interfere.
Disassembly of the window. Remove the window, while respecting safety precautions. At this stage you can use a crowbar and a nail gun. The main thing is not to damage the rest of the siding.
Preparing a place for the new window. The most important thing is to make sure the new window is exactly the same size. Any changes in size will only create a number of additional problems. And if the situation is easier with a smaller window, the free space can be filled with pieces of wood. But if the size of the new window is larger than the previous one, you will have to dismantle part of the facade.
Installing the window. This stage is best left to a professional crew, which will perform the work quickly and efficiently. With a guarantee on the installation of the window.
Facing. Now you need to clad the new window and give the house a finished look.
Slots. At the end of the work it is necessary to seal all the smallest cracks and joints to avoid drafts.
Everything is ready. Of course, in reality it will take much more time and effort. And if you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. Especially if you do not want to experiment, but want to save time, nerves and finances.

How to choose a window company

The ideal when choosing a company is the experience of your acquaintances. It is best to deal with an organization that has been verified through the personal experience of people authoritative to you. If there are none, go online. Pay attention to the prices. Yes, price and quality do not always correspond to each other, but the quality materials for the window production are expensive. As a consequence, you cannot have a suspiciously low price for a high quality product. Otherwise it is simply unprofitable.

On the website of companies or third-party resources, read reviews of services, look at the portfolio. Pay attention to the work experience. It is not necessary to choose an old-timer, but five years of experience in this field is already excellent. A company that provides the sale and installation of metal plastic windows should give you a guarantee for their work. Otherwise, it is not worth concluding a contract. The contract that you sign must be clear and transparent, not cause you doubt or distrust.

Even the consultation with the manager, who will help you decide on the window, should be pleasant for you. The employee must eliminate all your doubts and answer all your questions. His answers should be understandable to a simple person who has no experience in the repair or installation of windows. Only when the company suits you in all respects, you can sign a contract.

Renovation – it is not easy, but when you divide the whole process into stages and work through all the questions, it will become much easier. Everything will work out, you just have to want to.