Enhance the look of your home with these sleek and modern chairs. The all-embracing Seat craft Omega is the end search for the perfect home theater enthusiast. Never miss a moment trying to place drinks in the cup holder. The lighted cup holders will outline your drinks with a sky blue ambiance that keeps them both secure and discreetly illuminated in a darkened theater. In addition, each Armrest also opens out to reveal spacious storage compartments for the placement of remotes, tray tables, reading materials, or other necessary items. Next, enjoy the extensive comfort provided by the power adjustable headrest that allow you to find the upper body position that’s just right for your individual needs and the chaise lounger recline that eliminates the gap between the seat and footrest, so that you receive complete support from head to toe.


I was really hesitant about buying furniture online two main reasons 1 was I couldn’t see it or try it out first. And 2 was delivery and set up. I am very glad I did. I do not have a media room so this is my living room seating and it is used all the time. It is comfortable!  I love the deep storage bins on the sides. These are easy to wipe clean! Some times I put the middle up so I can l lay down and it is comfortable to take a nap on lol!

  • If the food tray is being used, it gets in the way of the cup holder.. forcing you to use the middle seat cup holders. But if someone is seated in the middle then you just gotta use the tray. Not a big deal but it would be nice to continue using your cup holder as it provides more security for your drink. A slight design modification can fix this although it’s NOT a deal breaker.
  • Wish the middle seat also had the option to recline. Almost everyone I’ve shown the sofa to has asked about that and it would eliminate t
  • The fight over the edge seats.. Poor middle seater has to sit with 1 foot on each sides recliner.
  • The product images showed a USB charging port near the main controls on each side but mine don’t have that.. so much like the wireless charging dock, I think I received a newer model than what the images show?
  • I love the included side tables which are great for an ipad or dinner for that matter.
  • This sofa/chairs is the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever had a chance to sit in. The electric movement speed is just right, not too slow that it takes forever to move, or too fast that it gets jerky. The adjustable headrest is a much better asset than I expected. It took us 5 minutes to put it together once we figured out how the backs slide into the main bottom piece. It is a magnificent investment so far, I can only pray for the durability.
  • This is a great setup. Instructions are nonexistent, but reasonably simple to figure out. Plan on a lot of power connections, there are 6 plugs, 3 of which are wall warts which might block more than one plug. The leather is very comfortable and the power functions as expected. It is very heavy, plan on two people or using a cart to move it around.
  • Assembly took minutes… set the chair backs in place and lock them in. Route the power cables and plug them in. Velcro the bottom-back in place and done! Everything worked as expected. The storage is a great idea — very useful. It might be nice if there were like a holster of sorts for remote controls, though (not a huge issue). The power headrest is also a very nice touch. 2 USB power charging ports. 2 power outlets — wonderful…!
  • Two other minor inconveniences – the lights on the middle headrest are great, but they are actually a bit too bright. Maybe I’m too picky, but I couldn’t watch a movie with that bright light in the corner of my eye. You can direct them side-to-side, but not up/down (which would have been preferable for me, at least). AND, it would be nice if the tables had arms that allowed you to fold them and keep them “installed” but along the outside of the armrest. (Rather than having to pull it out of storage and installing it when you want it or pull it out and store it.)
  • The sofa was secured on a pallet. I had them leave it on my porch. I unwrapped it and had my grandson and his friends bring the base in. It took me by myself about 30 minutes to put the backs on and plug it up.
  • The only small issue I hadwas that the iphone charger was sunken just a little within the surrounded cushion armrest such that my phone had to be placed just right at a certain angle to charge.
  • Anyway, ‘great product, great customer support and so far I’m extremely satisfied with my Seatcraft. :)