We’ve entered the last mile of 2020. At this point, we all want to take a moment and look at what this year had to give in terms of design. We saw a full revolution in kitchen designs, with more and more people trying unique styles. However, what we could not fail to notice is how color was added to kitchens this past year. Some went with more daring colors, whereas others chose a calmer tone. Here is what was very popular over the last year in terms of kitchen colors.

Mixed Wood Colors

One color trend that people seemed to adore this year is mixing wood with various complementary colors. For example, if they are painting their lower cabinets in some darker shade, the upper ones would be in a lighter one instead. Dark brown with light cream – these color combos were very popular this past year. Plus, the grainy aspect of the wood brought texture to the space, making the entire kitchen feel warmer and more welcoming.


The year 2020 saw lots of black, particularly when it comes to kitchens. Black looks edgy, but at the same time, it is classic and elegant. Plus, the most beautiful part is that you can combine it with pretty much any color. Even if you want to make your walls a magenta or an emerald color, black cabinets will look sleek and smooth – acting as a buffer for the more daring colors.

Sea Green

More and more people have become truly obsessed with sea green. This light color is not only versatile and works with almost every shade, but it is also very calm and refreshing. Because of this, more and more people used it to create their own Eden in the kitchen – a place where they would feel tranquil and serene. Many saw it as a nice change of scenery to the regular daily agitation, which is why this color saw a great rise in popularity.

Pristine White  

2020 saw quite a lot of white in the kitchens, and there’s a very good reason for that. This was the year where minimalism started making itself more and more noticed, and quite a lot of people focused on adding the impression of space and cleanliness. There’s no better color to do that than white, and its beauty is that, like black, you may mix it with a variety of different colors.

Warm and Wooden Tones

Colors such as brown, ash, and yellow made quite a comeback in 2020. This was a popular choice for those that wanted a cozy kitchen – one that felt nice and warm, without the sensation of a sterile room. Plus, wood colors are quite soothing, as they return us to Mother Nature – without us having to leave our own homes.

Blue and Green

Blue and green is also a popular color combo that we’ve seen this year. This mix often reminds people of the sea – of the foamy waters that may take shades of both green and blue. This color mix brings a lot of comfort and is very soothing on the eyes – this is why more and more people opted for it. With wood floors and white walls, kitchens with blue and green shades on their cabinets feel very cozy.

Daring Color Accent

In 2020, people decided that they wanted to go bold. For the most part, they decided to go for classic white cabinets – but they would also pick a certain piece in their kitchen that would receive a different color. In most cases, this piece was the kitchen island. The chosen color would depend on the personal preference of the homeowner, but the idea was that it had to be very bold. Going from deep blue to dark red or yellow, people would use this kind of flashing color to attract attention at a certain spot.

The Bottom Line

2020 was certainly the year in which people experimented with colors, but they did so in a way that would maintain a balance. Calming and soothing colors were also very popular, particularly considering how most people just wanted to create an oasis for themselves.