Remodeling your home can be a big responsibility, so the pressure to do it right is on. A painter may not handle the building aspect of your project, but they add the finishing touches with the paint. So, consulting with a professional can be an essential step for your project.

A painter knows that painting takes more than just picking up a paintbrush, so talking to the right professional can give you insights on how you can adequately tackle the painting aspect of your remodeling. If that’s not enough to convince you, below are six reasons how consulting with a painter can guarantee you get flawless results.

1. Color Selection Guidance

If you’re undecided on what paint color to choose for your remodel, consulting with a painter can help steer you in the right direction. They have extensive knowledge of shades and tones, so they’ll have insights into what paint will look best on your walls.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to what paint finish you use, depending on what room you’re remodeling. Some paints tend to last longer in high-traffic or humid areas than others.

According to Soho Painters, it’s best to use glossy and semi-glossy finishes in living rooms, bathrooms, and exterior walls since they’re more durable. Use satin or eggshell formulas in bedrooms or dining rooms because they won’t withstand moisture.

2. Surface Evaluation

Whether you’re doing significant or subtle remodeling on your house, a professional painter can help assess the conditions of your walls. They’ll identify issues, like cracks, holes, or mildew, so you can repair them during your remodel.

A professional painter knows that the key to having a perfect finish is to build a smooth foundation for your paint. So, it’s essential to address the surface issues so you won’t encounter any problems when you’re ready to paint.

3. Material Recommendations

From their experiences, a professional painter knows the correct type of paint and materials to use on different surfaces within your home. So, consulting with one can help you get the best paints, brushes, and primers for your walls. If you’re lucky, they might also tip you on where to get the suitable materials at the most affordable price.

Using high-quality paint and materials can benefit your walls in the long run. High-end paints have better color pay-off and more binders, so they fade or crack longer than lower-quality ones. Cheaper paint brushes and rollers tend to shed off their bristles and nap during application and can stick to wet paint. If the painters don’t spot them during the painting process, the bristles can leave an unsightly texture on your walls.

4. Preparation and Planning

Adequate preparation is vital to a successful project. So, a painter can help you devise a realistic schedule to finish painting your remodeled walls.

Your schedule will include detailed plans for prepping, priming, and painting to ensure your remodeling process stays efficient. The painter will also foresee potential challenges during your painting process, so they can include contingencies if you encounter them.

In addition, the painter can coordinate with your remodeling team in case there are changes in the schedule so they can adjust accordingly.

5. Quality Assurance

The most important reason you want to consult a professional painter before your remodel is that they ensure you get the best results. They have the experience and skills to deliver high-quality painting projects, so they can help ensure you get one, too.

A professional painter can advise you on what painting technique or paint to use for your remodel so the results will look great and can stand the test of time. This will save you time and money in the long run since you won’t have to do constant touch-ups or repainting.

6. Time and Cost Efficiency

Hiring a professional painter can add to the overall cost of your remodel, but their skills and expertise will save you tons of time and money in the long run. As discussed above, a professional painter will ensure the paint on your walls will last long by using the proper techniques, paint, and materials.

A professional will also work quickly and accurately compared to hiring inexperienced individuals. Thus, it reduces the overall project timeline. In addition, the steady hand of a professional painter prevents mistakes, so you won’t have to worry about the additional cost of rework.

Looking for a reliable painting contractor?

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