Designer Mette Kargo Hvid

Kontur springs from my background as a textile designer and represents the concept of a simple, flexible vase, inspired by the intricate ornamentation of lace. I find it interesting to apply my expertise in textiles in alternative ways – and at the same time reflect upon the multifaceted potential afforded by the old craftsmanship traditions. Kontur is designed in silicone rubber because this material, as well as being an alternative to ceramics, gives Kontur a surprisingly soft touch while imbuing it with a simple, informal character.”

The next vase flower was designed by Neha Shetty Misra. A single flower vase is inspired and designed by understanding the form, characteristic, features, principles of a lobster claw flower. The understanding and development of new form is illustrated and transformed into a lifestyle product- a vase.

Interesting Aalto vase design

The project is a series of drawings. Initially, he was made of clear glass and measured 14 cm Aalto called it a pool (I never called him a vase) and I never say how and why to use it. He wanted to do it yourself you have decided how to use a pool, it gives complete freedom to interpret the features of this site. Yes, calls it a vase, but it does not necessarily serve to expose the bouquets of flowers.

Ceramic vases. Their shape is the result of manual modeling of corrugated cardboard tubular that are usually used to pack bottles and jars.

his modern vase by Piotr Stramski is very elegant. Your flowers will look extremely pretty sitting in it.

The cutouts in these stainless steel sculptures are not only interesting looking, but they make arranging flowers a breeze. Art meets nature. Love it.

Japanese Sensibility

This gorgeously polished agate vase was created for the Japanese art of flower arranging, Ikebana, with its emphasis on simplicity and balance.

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