Masisa is the leader in Latin-America in production and sales of wooden panels for furniture and architectural interiors.

Masisa Mexico created Masisa Lab, a think tank dedicated to develop projects that have a bigger and better use of the Masisa products line in the market, working with different areas of the furniture industry, creating alliances to find opportunities for development trough innovation, to create Mexican proposals according to the needs of their clients.

The product used is the 15mm DecoMDF Masisa, a panel covered on both sides with a decorative foil in a wide range of colors and designs, impregnated with a melamine resin with low emissions of formaldehyde, that give them a completely enclosed surface, free of porosity and resistant to surface wear.

Since the MDF panels can’t be bent to generate curves we decided to use them as a sequence of plans that would generate the virtual form of a complex curved surface as the wire frame negative of the volume contained in a orthogonal box made by the module of the panels cut with a cnc router. When the plans intersect in the three directions of space they form a grid of shelves that serve as display and storage space for the magazines and other products.

The construction and material were sponsored by Masisa, the leading manufacturer of MDF panels in Latin America who requested that the structure should showcase a large range of their finishes as a way to sample the possibilities of the material.