Nowadays the separation between work life and private life is further disappearing in multiple ways. The spacial separation blurs out due to the fact that more and more people are using home offices – either for their own small business or because they are taking work home from the office. It seems that for many people it becomes more and more difficult to separate work life and private life emotionally. After everlasting working hours, the never ending expectations of perfect appearance and the constant need to function, people forget to calm down and how to let go. This has certainly become one of the major problems of modern society.

With Moody Nest the philosophy  of the Moody Series is expressed in a way that allows a very wide rage of different moods, while still making a link to the “standard” sofa. It can be a intimate napping spot or a representable couch. The size of the textile cover and its simple pattern enable all shapes and forms.

Moody Nest was created with the intention to provide an especially intense feeling of comfort, warmth and intimacy.