Taste it ! These are too delicious! …

Mmmm…. I’m sorry , but they are only sofas. You can take a  delight on them  by staying very comfortable  and enjoying a chocolate or vanilla drink.

They look a little bit childish, but in the same time very elegant.

I think  they can be very  suitable in a sweets shop or in your own  living.

Alessandro Mendini is the designer. He is cofounder of the Alchymia studio , inventator of Banal Design and then Re-design, successor to Gio Ponti at the head of Domus magazine in 1976, Alessandro Mendini transforms the existing into a personal vision.  He is an antiminimalist and very pro- colorist and he works in every discipline, from industrial desing to architecture to interior decoration. At his age [78 years old], Mendini still continues to design.

via meritalia.it