From a love of clear forms and a fascination with the effects of light, the designers and developers come up with new ideas for expressive furniture and objects that create outstanding interiors and are also a source of light. In particular the LED technology, both brilliant and energy saving, with its brightness and colors makes for impressive atmospheres in living rooms and gardens, as well as in restaurants, bars and clubs.

The enlargement of the design lounge table series from Moree, for a further 4 products, provides the ideal opportunity for each table and allows any situation to be enhanced by atmospheric light. The series offers light tables in the heights of 45, 55, 75 and 105 cm.

The table surface, in a futuristic form, and anodized aluminum base together form a table that is not only a source of light but is eye-catching also. Whether for leisure or for gastronomy, the series provides a suitable parking place for any occasion.

The multi-color technology includes a remote control which controls the entire color spectrum, or you can choose one of three predefined color programs with flowing color changes.

The Lounge lighting product can be used for private or commercial applications, on the floor or the wall.