Jun Yasumoto was born in 1977 in Tokyo. He graduated in 2001 from Ensci-Les Ateliers, Paris and now, he lives and works in Paris.

Jun Yasumoto envisions a self-sustaining eco-system that utilizes the natural filtering qualities of plants to purify drainage from the shower and sink. The water is then recycled and during its filtering process, it goes through different steps :

– The rushes are planted in sand which filters larger particles. The root system of the rushes contain various bacterias which break down these particles for absorption by the plant.

– The reeds are planted next to the rushes as they have the ability to filter the heavy metals from the water.

– The floating water hyacinths draw through their roots some of the water borne particles which are still present in the water.

-The lemnas, which are also aquatic plants, bind to the remaining aquatic micro-organisms to complete the filtering process.

-Finally, a carbon filter stops the remaining micro-particles.