A smart telephone needs a cool cover on its side! I bet you’ve already come to the conclusion that leaving your phone unprotected is risky business. Especially now, when the smartest the gadget, the hardest the protection. Designers found interesting ways to persuade us care a little bit more about our telephones and we’ve gathered some of the most functional and beautiful items in the gallery below. Inspired by the world around us, artists frequently used repeated patterns, geometric shapes and familiar objects for the products. From funny designs that remind me of old cartoons to classic, simple lines that offer a more business like appearance to your gadget, the range of covers and cases is unlimited.

No matter how they combined colors and materials or recycled old ones, the final design is always a big surprise! We suggest you should take proactive steps in protecting your device with a stylish cell phone cover.

Not so furious with an Angry Birds iPhone Case

Check out these iPhone 4 Angry Birds cases. They are very cool and hip. You can find red bird, yellow bird, and green Pig King cases that will set your phone apart and show the world how much you love the game. It’s a geeky way to be cool.  Find more details here

Don’t forget about old cartoons with an iPhone Disney Case

For the fanatic of Disney characters, there are some iPhone cases that come wrapped with cool skins featuring the Disney characters including Stich, Tigger Too, Winnie, Mickey and others. These iPhone cases are now available from a Hong Kong company called 86HERO, which each costs about HKD$168 or USD $21.5. More details here.

Oldies, but goodies: a 80’s Retro Phone Case

Why not treat someone to an awesome retro gift? Details here

For nostalgic persons only: iTape Deck Cassette iPhone

Are your memories from the high school fading away? Try an iTape Deck Cassette iPhone!I

In love with diamonds? Buy a stylish iPhone Case!

For those who like sophisticated things a diamond encrusted carbon gold Apple iPhone case is perfect. Estimated price is 77,777 euros. Check this link.

Clip your iPhone onto your pocket!

Here is a useful accessory for your iPhone, the iClooly Clip Stand iPhone 3G CaseIt has a built in stand which can also be used as a clip to clip your iPhone onto your pocket.

Funky and Stylish: iPhone Hoodie Phone Case

The funky and versatile Hoodie case is very functional.  Some customers use it as a wallet and a coin pouch. You can always find something to fit into the Hoodie case! 

Write on a super cool Blackboard Case!


The back of this case is made from actual school blackboard material which means you can write or scribble all over it, but keep in mind with all this scribbling, there’s going to be dust and white powder everywhere. Check this link.

So delicious! Taste a Chocolate iPhone Case!

 Do you like chocolates? Do you want to treat your iPhone with a chocolate bar? Check this link.

Sporty Form-Fit: Mate Vroom Case for iPhone


Great looking protection for you iPhone with tire-tread pattern. You can buy this cool iPhone case from Amazon

iBottleopener-Bottle Opening iPhone Case

The iBottleopener will turn your iPhone 3G/3GS into a bottle opener app without you need to bring extra item in your inventory.  With this soft black hard shell slider case, you can party while protecting your iPhone.