The Up Filer  is a revolutionary system for storing flat content – like drawings, documents, photos, magazines, kids art, you name it. Its design allows all files to remain visible and at your finger tips regardless of size differences. It also frees up valuable work space by putting items on the wall and out of your way.
Firstly, it’s convenient. Stacking your files is now easier with the new accessory. Secondly, it’s 100 percent organic, and hence eco-friendly. Thirdly, it’s decorative besides being useful. The design is artistic, and its presence will impart an aesthetic appeal to your work. Product specifications are  29.2cm x 87.6cm x 6.3cm. The new eco-friendly bamboo option is being offered in two colors: natural and caramel. Please take a look at and see for yourself.
Up Filer - designrulz-001  Up Filer - designrulz-003 Up Filer - designrulz-004Up Filer - designrulz-002