Do you love colors?


Pantone started out life as a commercial printing press in the 1950s. It wasn’t until they introduced their “Pantone Color Matching System” – a standardized color reproduction system – that their brand really began to take off. I like using the Pantone colors for everything: house decoration, clothes, jewelers. So here are some of the strangest and most wonderful Pantone-inspired accessories … if we’ve missed anything, feel free to add links and comments!

Pantone nootbooks

The notebooks are pretty fun.  Especially for designs who are always looking for differing places to write down inspiration.

Pantone Cups


Pantone Folding Chair

Pantone padded folding metal chair available in 10 contemporary colours.

Pantone Courier Bag

PANTONE Juice for Creative Energy

PANTONE Juice is just a concept from graphic designer Danny Halvorson and can not be purchased




Pantone Rubik’s Cube



Pantone iPhone Cases

Pantone Bicycles

Pantone Credit Cards

Pantone Christmas Balls


Pantone Socks

Pantone Shoes – Collaboration with SeaVees

Pantone Coin Purse

Pantone Bright Espresso Coffee Cups & Saucers

Set Of Four Espresso Coffee Cups


Hotel Pantone – Book a room

The most colorful hotel in the world: Do you love colors? Welcome to the center of the color universe!

Pantone Easter Eggs