“Cleo” is a tetrahedral-shaped modular sofa made of polyurethane foam designed by Barbara Pece – a creative, versatile designer with a degree in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona (Italy).

The sofa can be broken down into 9 different shapes to use, achievable with simple rollovers of the 4 modules that comprise it and the modules are joined together by simple hinges that you can completely separate and pull off. The product can be released in 3 different sizes for different space requirements. It is suitable for large spaces, such as hotels, waiting areas (airports, railway stations), local swimming pools or for houses with modern interiors. Finally, the smaller version is for spaces dedicated to children, such as kindergartens, game rooms, interactive museums; above all because the children imagination can create what does not exist yet!

Barbara Pece is looking for a producer interested in investing in this modern project and she is available for collaborations.