Talanted self-taught Irish designer Joseph Walsh combines art and craftsmanship while creating these beautiful furniture collections. This series of 6 unique works made by olive ash, combines with   organza or glass.

The form of each shape is dictated by the existing qualities found in the wood. From tables to beds and chairs Joseph Walsh sculpts his creations so as to make the wood “dance” and “flow”.

“I believe we can enhance the quality of our lives by surrounding ourselves with objects that possess values beyond their function or aesthetic, that possess intelligence in their creation, that one can interact with and that will stimulate senses each and every time one engages with them.”


Enignum Canopy Bed

The concept behind the Enignum Canopy Bed was to create a space, a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure. The silk canopy creates a sense of enclosure which can be customized for each season.