Kitchen Nano Garden helps you add a bit of green to your urban living space!

You control sun and water to grow so there’s no need for pesticides…and it even works to naturally purify the air in your home! It’s not technically available yet but the design was presented by Hyundai. The Kitchen Nano-Garden by Hyundai does not appear to be on the market yet, but there is a buzz all over the internet about it, and for good reason! It is an incredibly clever design using a compact footprint of floor-space while utilizing hydroponics and built in lighting. It even includes controls to alert you if the plants are too wet, too dry, or need some nutrients! It also functions as a natural air purifier to help freshen indoor air and remove unpleasant odors. Incredible!

The Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai is a super cool concept for growing a vegetable garden right in your kitchen, without help from sun or rain.

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