In creating YourMurano, they were guided by their passion for original Murano Glass and its unique pluri-centennial tradition.

Tradition and innovation combine in glassmaker’s hands in order to create a small treasure for your home, an object that reflects the beauty and complexity of Murano glass.

You can find sculptural, fascinating, diaphanous…or almost completely unreal Murano glass vases at, an original Murano glass e-commerce located in the historical heart of Venice, Italy. If you are a flower lover, then you will appreciate every masterpiece: some structures inspire strength with their solidity that seems unbreakable. Others draw your attention with colored filaments that create amazing perspectives.

All the models are interesting, being modern or classic, with their spectacular combination of colors that may remind you of the blue sea or the burning sun.

For example, Laguna Blu set blends tones of blue and green like a visual poetry that made the icy lagoon reflect the sunlight in a frosty winter morning.

Online shop has also a limited edition range of products, such as vases, that were designed in unique shapes by talented artists. Dragon Eggs, realized by eclectic designer Hilton McConnico, seems to be a representation of a mythological tale: the huge reptile with crested head and enormous claws does not spout fire, but it silently embraces the new existence in a Murano vase masterpiece.

If you are considering purchasing a gift in Murano glass from YourMurano, take into consideration the fact that every item is certified by the Trademark of Origin ‘Vetro Artistico Murano’, the only guarantee of authenticity by Italian law. A defect warranty and the original manufacturers’ warranty are included in the package too. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, the range of products is very diverse, letting the buyer to choose between tens of beautiful handcrafted items.

So, if you want to bring nature inside with bunches of flowers, pick an elegant vase to intensify their beauty. Don’t blame us if you fall in love with them!

These great gifts will add color and style to everything from casual play spaces to formal living rooms—from the place where one finds a quiet place to read to where families gather for movie nights.
They visit the furnaces in the island of Murano every day to meet with the master glassmakers, in order to stay up to date with their latest creations and innovations.



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The most basic vases are so useful – they keep the focus on the flowers, but the shape of the vase determines the look of the bouquet. I love this tall, simple vase.
vase designrulz (2)
Some vases are best not filled with flowers…this one is so dramatic on its own that I almost can’t imagine it with anything inside!
vase designrulz (6)
So pretty and simple.

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