A Sliding Table is one of the most useful accessories you can add to your kitchen. Realized by Italian designer Emanuela Berardi, the table found on www.promotedesign.it is a wonderful item that seats up 6-7 people. The table has the ability to move horizontally in order to be lengthened when needed. When “closed”, the upper part of the table acts as a shelf, while a simple translation will reach 6/7 seats. The island has two different “faces”, depending on whether you look at it from the kitchen (food preparation) or from the living room (lounge area). The first is used as a pantry with two drawers and a compartment with shelves, the second has the look of a contemporary furniture with shelves. Sliding Kitchen Table makes it possible to save money when buying cabinets for kitchens, worktops, or tables. All of this is enclosed in a single design object.

kitchen-sliding table-designrulz-001
Recent innovations in the mechanisms for space saving and super-expandable tables mean you can take a console table and turn it into a dining table that seats … wait for it … 7.
kitchen-sliding table-designrulz-002
Then when company heads your way, they twist, slide, or telescope their way out to a dining table.

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