SlipstreamInstallation by FreelandBuck was exhibited at the Bridge Gallery in New York and it is made from over one thousand CNC cut plywood pieces that notch together to create an undulating, dynamically patterned and brightly colored wall. Developed as the extrusion of a 2-dimensional drawing through the gallery space in New York, the structure is then cut away to produce a set of interconnected 3-dimensional spaces. The architects tried to  escape from the solid, stable nature of buildings and created a ‘flowing’ installation.  Slipstream is a physical structure that confronts that leap directly, translating a 2-dimensional digital line drawing into 3-dimensional space.


The project develops novel forms of digital drawing, ‘egg-crate’ type assemblies typical in stick built construction.
‘Slipstreaming’ is a single drawing extruded through the gallery space and cut away to produce a set of interconnected spaces.
The linear extrusion acts as both structure and dynamic visual filter, shifting views through the installation and between the spaces it defines. It’s integrity as a structure is masked by both its redundancy and bright coloration.

06_FreelandBuck-Slipstream 07_FreelandBuck-Slipstream 08_FreelandBuck-Slipstream 09_FreelandBuck-Slipstream

Photography by Kevin Kunstadt