Sonya Winner creates graphic, vibrant and original rugs. She is fascinated by exploring the design possibilities of knotting and tufting with wool. “There are so many ways to create original pieces working with texture, pile height, weaving techniques, yarn type and the overall shape of the design – it’s a very exciting medium”, Sonya says. How does she work? She finds a calm place, puts on some peaceful jazz and immerses herself in her library and sketches books full of ideas she have jotted down. This helps her to eliminate all other distractions and allows the creativity to flow. All the rugs are hand made which means all processes involved in manufacturing the carpet are done manually – they believe that this adds another layer of beauty to the final product and also means each piece is never identical to another.

sonya rug-designrulz-002
Sonya creates the rugs in her Hampstead studio with her small team, working on a number of new designs each year, in addition to limited edition series.
sonya rug-designrulz-003
Wool yarn is the main material for the majority of our carpets: New Zealand and Tibetan wool. Depending on the design they also use silk or bamboo silk.
sonya rug-designrulz-004
Once the yarn and graph are ready, cotton threads are vertically warped in the loom to provide the base over which the carpet is woven. The length of warp is adjusted to the desired length of the carpet.

sonya rug-designrulz-005 sonya rug-designrulz-006 sonya rug-designrulz-007 sonya rug-designrulz-008 sonya rug-designrulz-009 sonya rug-designrulz-010 sonya rug-designrulz-011 sonya rug-designrulz-012 sonya rug-designrulz-013 sonya rug-designrulz-014 sonya rug-designrulz-015 sonya rug-designrulz-016 sonya rug-designrulz-017 sonya rug-designrulz-018 sonya rug-designrulz-019 sonya rug-designrulz-020 sonya rug-designrulz-021 sonya rug-designrulz-022