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 Many people pass their holidays at home. Also their work can be more and more done at home nowadays. With  BalKonzept by Rephorm you can combine living, holidays, work and fresh air.  Perfect in small balconies, it can be used as plants pot as well as deposit, desk for notebooks and much more. The back part can be filled with plants or even with ice-cubes – this makes it an open champagne cooler or mini-bar.
The balcony table—made from weatherproof and recyclable polyethylene—rests on your railing and provides you with an open, flat surface to eat, read or work.
It doesn’t matter what size your balcony has – with the Balconcept by rephorm it becomes great. It can be mounted and removed fast and easy.  The balKonzept can be purchased from Stad Bedarf for €128
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