Anyone building a dream home is likely to tell you there is no better luxury element in a living room than a fireplace. Whether you are building or remodeling, don’t forget about the character a fireplace can add in addition to its increasing your home’s resale value and overall design aesthetic. Have a look at these beautiful and functional modern fireplaces for inspiration.

Open or Closed? Experience the sensation of a real fire. You will find yourself so close to the flames that you can touch them! The window has no extra metal frame, so you will always enjoy a full view of the fire, whether the window is open or closed.
Vauni Globe is a flueless designed fireplace that combines tradition with classic form in a modern interpretation. The model is free-standing with a foot that can be turned 360 degrees for optimum viewing angle and flexibility.
FOCUS French creator and designer Dominique Imbert fabricated by himself the first FOCUS fireplace 40 years ago. With production now exceeding 3000 per annum, the new models unveiled last year and available in Australia in 2007, keep the Brand at the forefront of contemporary fireplace design.
The Pictofocus allows the fire to embrace its public. The quiet power of simplicity guides the design philosophy of this model. Its innovative, elegant lines avoid any distraction so the fire can take centre stage.

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