Christmas is a time of wonder and excitement reflected in the decorations that burst upon the scene in homes, yards, stores and most public areas. Making Christmas crafts is one way for kids and adults alike to get involved in the joy of the season. Save a toilet paper roll and add just a few embellishments to create this cute Santa Claus. This project is easy for kids older than 7 (supervision is needed when using the hot glue gun) and is also a lot of fun to make as a group project in school for the holidays. See all the instructions of the project here. While some projects can get a bit expensive, you can make delightful Santa crafts for next to nothing with common items, such as toilet paper tissue rolls, and a few simple craft supplies.

Glue the nose to the top point of the mustache. Add a little more fiberfill to the outside of Santa’s face for hair.Attach a string for a hanger and you’re done! He’s ready for hanging on your Christmas tree!