Parisian firm h2o architectes have recently refurbished the ‘studio ursulines cinema’ founded in 1925 by actors armand tallier and laurence myrga, as a theater aimed at the younger population to show a selection of films and hold events to meet the directors as well. The small space contains an entrance lobby in a rectangular shaped room with an elliptical void in the ceiling and a curtain wall entrance. Large movie posters are displayed on the walls in large gold brass frames in this multi-functional space used as both a ticket booth and event area.

This installation is a geometric puzzle with  foldable, moveable and slidable pieces that fit into a block. this piece can be manipulated to service almost any function, from seating to reception and podium, with built in shelves and nooks. other storage systems have been embedded into the outer walls opening the  interior into a free-flowing circulation. The dynamic volume maintains the language of the cinema, with brass sliding tracks on maroon colored strips that presents itself as a large scale toy for all the ages, in constant movement as movie-going visitors make it their own.