Are you looking for a totally unique and one of a kind pendant light? A desk or a table lamp? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Spotted on, the items we present you today are unique, funky, and eco friendly. In our continuing effort to be environmentally conscious and recycle, I came up with this fun filled idea to re-use wine barrel rings in a unique way.  If you love the  country charm, buy some pieces that have brought joy to generations of wine drinkers! Though their wine making days are behind them, their distinctive character lasts on.  With some careful shaping and finishing, each piece becomes a work of art suitable for warming the heart of a true wine lover. And if wine is not enough, you can always contact a Napa furnace contractor for some extra heat source.

Wine designrulz-001

 We designed and made this delightful WINE BAR made from the barrel rings. The rings are all bent by hand and then carefully welded together. Each one will be slightly different as we never make the same thing twice.

Wine designrulz-002 Wine designrulz-003 Wine designrulz-004 Wine designrulz-005 Wine designrulz-006 Wine designrulz-007 Wine designrulz-008 Wine designrulz-009

Wine designrulz-010 Wine designrulz-011

 A wonderful new twist on candle holders that will be the highlight of any room.

Wine designrulz-012 Wine designrulz-013


 Fun, funky, playful. The silver metal color of the wine barrel ring balance well with the rich colors of the flowers.  

wine-designrulz--002 wine-designrulz--003

Cut wine barrels and create these unique and one of a kind coasters. Completely made of solid aged oak from wine barrels, the natural color of the wine shows through as a beautiful burgundy color. No stain was added to them, just a clear UV sealer to protect and highlight the natural colors. 

wine-designrulz--005 wine-designrulz--007 wine-designrulz--008 wine-designrulz--009 wine-designrulz--013 wine-designrulz--014 wine-designrulz--017 wine-designrulz--018 wine-designrulz--019 wine-designrulz--020 wine-designrulz--023 wine-designrulz--024 wine-designrulz--025 wine-designrulz--026 wine-designrulz--027 wine-designrulz--028

 It has remarkable movement in each piece drawing the eye upwards. Decades of wine producing have aged this wood with all the striations of color from drawing the rich nutrients from the soil. Each piece is built in a circular pattern to highlight the dynamic colors of the vine.

wine-designrulz--029 wine-designrulz--030 wine-designrulz--031 wine-designrulz--032 wine-designrulz--033 wine-designrulz--034 wine-designrulz--035 wine-designrulz--036

 This standing rack made from Oak barrel staves is compact enough to squeeze into smaller living quarters but, large enough to hold 3 cases (36 bottles)of your prized wines.


This wine rack is made from Napa valley wine barrels that have been carefully taken apart and fashioned into a fully functional wine rack to hold the wine it just held.