The dining table, understandably, is the focal point of the dining room. It sets the overall mood of the space: a lightly stained wooden table for four exudes an informal, casual feel, while a formal oblong table for 10 will evoke sophistication and formality. Tables come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and heights dependent upon their origin, style, and intended use. All tables are composed of a flat surface and a base with one or more supports (legs). A glass dining table with a single, central foot is a pedestal table. They can be freestanding or designed for placement against a wall (a console table). The tops can be in virtually any shape, although rectangular, square, round, and oval tops are the most frequent. Long tables often have extra legs for support. Others have higher surfaces for personal use while either standing or sitting on a tall stool. Gather for the food and stay for the stories! 

A glass table feels edgy without being visually heavy, and a bistro table is perfect for a small patio.


Many have tops that can be adjusted to change their height, position, shape or size, either with foldable extensions or sliding parts that can alter the shape of the top.

 Sofa tables were specifically designed for placement directly in front of sofas for serving tea, writing, dining, or other convenient uses. Generally speaking, a sofa table is a tall, narrow table used behind a sofa to hold lamps or decorative objects. 

 Did you know? Some very early tables were made and used by the Egyptians, and were little more than stone platforms used to keep objects off the floor. They were not used for seating people. Food and drinks were usually put on large plates deposed on a pedestal for eating.

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