Just a few more days till Christmas…can you believe it? I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Christmas decorations. Each year we seem to have more we want to do before Christmas and every year seems to give less time to do it all!  Christmas spirit brings back to home the warmth and the domestic harmony. That is why it is very important for each family or couple to create this holiday atmosphere by giving the best of them and make the best home Christmas decoration.

Christmas is coming soon, and what everyone needs is new, fresh Christmas decoration ideas. Do you want to surprise your loved ones with something new this year, or you want to bring out the classy and traditional warm feeling of an old-fashioned Christmas. There is nothing more inspiring than the professional designer ideas that you can look up in a magazine or in a professional blog.

For today we want to show you another favorite place for us to decorate for Christmas: the staircases.  I love how a railing looks wrapped in garland and lights.  It greets all who come through my front door.  I hope it provides that warm, family feeling to all who visit.  I have a two story entry which begs to be decorated.  I think the garland gives the staircase a grand appearance.

























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