America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. ARD is celebrated annually on November 15. To celebrate this day and to continue our series of recycling  plastic bottles or plastic straws, we present you an article dedicated to plastic recycling. Look at our 25 ideas of how to recycle plastic bags and try to do the same!

I don’t know if  you are aware of the fact that we are surrounded by products that are made out of recycled plastic bags. Things like shoes, plastic chairs, pipes, pens and a lot more are made out of reused plastic bags. 854 million plastic bags have been recycled last year and the  the world’s largest plastic bag recycling facility, Hilex has 30.000 plastic bags recycling points across US so 90% of the population has access to a nearby one !  A very interesting infografic can be found here.

And, another piece of advice for those who don’t have time to reinterpret artistically plastic materials, return your bags back to the grocery store for recycling. Most stores have a container to take these bags back and recycle them for you! Consider no longer accepting plastic bags. The more that you continue to use the bags, the more stores assume you want them. By bringing your own bags with you, and by refusing plastic bags, you send a message that they’re no longer wanted.

 A lamp made out plastic bags that simply looks fantastic!





 Perfect to hold pen and pencils. 

 I have never imagined you can create pieces of furniture from plastic bags. 



 Colorful flowers






 A basket for clothes





 Ruffled Black and White Lamp Shade

 This striking and eco-friendly lamp shade is constructed from pieces of recycled plastic bags glued over a large existing plastic drum shade. The bags are primarily white with black and gray accents, and glow a warm yellow when the light is lit, and were all collected from my local grocery store!


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