Are you a fan of the recycling projects? Michael Bom of dutch design studio Bomdesign is and he believes old books have so much beauty in them that they need a rebirth after they loose their current function. So, he decided to transform used materials into sculptural and functional objects for daily use. Since 2004 he has been developing a series of Booklamps of which the Atlas pendant (2005) is the best known. The series of Booklamps have two new designs. One is the ‘Equinox’ which can be hung on the wall or set upon a table. Another is the ‘Orbit’ which is a hanglamp. Both designs are made from an atlas which results in a colourful and warm atmosphere. Even when the lights are switched off these lamps are real eye-catchers.  The lamps can be ordered through the Bomdesign website. (Price Equinox 425,- euro, Price Orbit 575,- euro).

 By reusing existing materials, utilizing materials from the surrounding area, applying them in a minimal way, using very little energy in the production process, arises a durable and clean product. Michael Bom’s designs were nominated for the ‘European Environmental Design Award’ in Madrid in 2009.


Bom finds it important to implement qualities of the old material and to accentuate the beauty thereof in his new designs. He tries to achieve a balance between the used material and the new product. 

 Through his designs Bom hopes to inspire people: “If we study the process of recycling in nature, we can learn that old things can be used for the birth of new things. I hope that my designs contribute in people becoming more conscious about how they could live in balance with their surroundings and minimize their impact on the environment.”

Why does he choose the atlas? He explains: “Everyone has an affinity with the atlas, you need it for school and after that you use it to plan your holidays or to orientate yourself in the world. I find it one of the most beautiful books to work with. The colourful pages with all the countries of the world of which everyone has their own dreams and ideas, gives the lamp extra intensity and meaning.”