Today we would like to present you an eco-friendly loft in Brazil designed by Fernanda Marques Architects. This luxury sustainable loft was designed for the Casa Cor exhibit. Casa Cor is the second largest architecture and decoration event in the world. The house itself is a piece of art, the nature is screaming out loud, everything was inspired by sustainability issues. Clad and finished with recycled wood, this contemporary space fuses natural materials such as tree trunks and vines with stainless steel and glass in order to establish its harmony with nature. The entire structure inside & out is covered with recycled wood, which gives its a rustic atmosphere.   The main room is a 207 sqm space that contains living-room, kitchen, bar and video hall, and which naturally opens onto the immense 235 sqm terrace. The tree trunks above were originally from Bahia, and are now used as supporting pillars. Simply stunning. Enjoy!