Do you love books and want to create a perfect reading corner at home?  Even if e-books are becoming more popular and hundreds of books can fit easily on a CD, nothing compares to reading a good book in a library. From giant boxes that cover the walls entirely to small corners filled with artistic details (such as pillows of antique silk ikat and 19th-century Thai patterns, or a well-worn chesterfield sofa), libraries can look even more comfortable and inviting. I love the cozy mix of classic, modern, and Asian design, because of their sophisticated look. And, if you add an Italian metal zigzag table near the book shelves, you ‘ll obtain a dark, bold contrast to the light-filled living room in your home.  You can find below a gallery of library design ideas that are beautiful and functional.

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 The bookshelves were fixed on the wall, letting enough space for two comfortable sofas. 

 If you combine white with transparent glass or plastic, you obtain wider, luminous areas.

 The shelves filled with books mirror each other, while the reading corner was settled on the window ledge. 

 A wall covered in books in a studio

 Some prefer to design a special area on the second floor to store their books, letting an airy space for the living room on the first floor.


 If you have over 100 books, you’ve probably tried to organize them in some way, either by color or topic or size. Why not organize them like libraries do? Start sort your books between fiction and nonfiction.













 Once you’ve labeled all your books, sort them onto your shelves. Once you have a handle on how many books you have, you can shift them as needed. Soon you’ll have all your shelves organized, and your books will each have a place.