Five geometric shaped elements create the Rivolta Bench realized by Italian designer Raphael Di Biase: two empty elements in natural wood that serve as shelves for the storage of books and objects, and three full sections, made with the help of foam to improve comfort and aesthetics, giving them softness and lightness and a distinctive blue color. The bench can be used for open spaces, or lounge areas and libraries.  Children and students will also love this bench in their room or studio for its modern look and functionality. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, it can be transformed by simply by moving its parts, giving rise to different furnishing solutions.

  The bench adapts to different needs, providing diverse and creative possibilities.

 Rivolta is a transformable bench designed for open spaces like waiting rooms or libraries. The materials used are wood and a special treated foam cut out with a machine. By moving the foam parts you can create new sitting or lying positions.

 The bench can be a great accessory for those who want to relax while studying…

 Pay close attention to how the various arrangements make you feel…

 Examine each arrangement from all the sight lines in the room. Select the final shape and size that provides the most pleasing look from the largest number of sight lines.

 The bench provides a lot of space for storing books, magazines or other decorative objects. 




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