Beckwith Interiors in Brisbane, Australia remodeled a Gothic Revival home and designed this wine cellar that you can view through the glass floors in the dining room. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this is the most amazing wine rack I have seem!  Up to 2,000 bottles can be stored in futuristic Gothic arches that are made out of acrylic and illuminated by LED lighting. The glass floor in the sitting area gives a unique view into the wine cellar below. Illuminated by LED lighting for a stunning and eye-catching glow. Glass floors look just from Las Vegas dance clubs.   At least you know if a guest spills a glass of red wine, all you have to do is keep a bottle of Windex handy!

Perhaps the most unexpected use of a material in this house is the bathtub. Another one of Jamie’s creations, inspired by luxury wooden yachts, it is made entirely of wood and sanded with several layers of polyurethane for the shiny, smooth finish.  I love the wooden bathtub, the wallpaper and colors!