Are you a friend of the environment? Then, buy a Stripped Lamp realized by the Dutch Company Floris Wubben Studio! They sent us photos together with some pieces of information about the project and we thought it would be a great idea to show this article to you, too. As you can easily notice, their concept of design is not directly related to functional objects, but rather is viewed as sculptural objects. A piece of nature was transformed into a standing lamp, by a minimum number of modifications. It is an honest product, in which the natural form of the tree branch has been kept as much as possible. Stripped is made out of one branch only, which is split into three parts beneath. As a result, the legs of a standing lamp are made. The bark is almost entirely pealed from the branch and with a rotating movement formed into a lamp-shade.

In their work of designing, Floris Wubben Studio tried to put a certain material into new perspectives. By using uncommon materials, applications or combinations for a certain design, they focus on diminishing prejudices and on giving these materials a new face.

As a consequence, living qualities of nature will have a constant influence on the projects from Floris Wubben Studio. They try to use human action as less as possible and to apply nature the way it is given.


 Each part of the tree branch obtains a new function, without losing its natural and exceptional appearance. The original form of the branch will determinate the final form of the lamp. Therefore, every lamp is a unique piece of design.





 The leg of the lamp looks very similar to a tree trunk.