Cheap good lamps are hard to find, am I right?  But who knew such mundane little plastic devices could be so beautiful?


The project supplies include: a large bag of zip ties (obviously, more than 3000 pcs), a light kit, and a grill grate. You will need a cutting devise of sorts to cut out a hole in the center of the grate to place your light through. I spray painted the grate white to blend in with the zip ties, but surprisingly there are a wide selection of multicolored  zip ties out there you can go nuts on your color choice. The project ran me about $30. Zip ties are not the cheapest item, a 1000ct bag was about $22, but I had plenty of ties left over for, well, whatever you need zip ties for in real life. The grill grate cost about $7 for a 13in  grate and I lucked out by already having a light kit. Colorful, fun, art.

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Tied-Up is a pendant made of common zip-ties, approximately 3000 of them