What do you do with old magazines after use? Do you throw them in a recycle bin? If you are a person that loves to reinvent himself daily and to try to create unique things, then you are on my side! We present you today several ideas of how to recycle glossy magazines wisely, spotted on apartmenttherapy.com and bluevelvetchair.blogspot.ro. The ideas are simple, yet trendy, and each would make a statement in a modern setting. It’s remarkable how many different art pieces you can developed using ordinary strips of glossy magazine pages to great effect. From paper clocks and pencils boxes to photo frames and organic pieces of jewelry, the colorful magazines can be transformed in very interesting decorative items. What do I like best with reused magazine arts and crafts? They are low-to-no cost!




This paper house light by Hutch Studio is so innovative and inspiring! I think I need to make this to myself.

view more: hutchstudio





 A colorful frame for the mirror


 Fold the pages of a catalog in accordion-style, then glue them to a wooden disk!

 An eco friendly bag

 The pieces were glued as to create a rainbow effect.

 A teal-mirror those you love to have the sea very close… Made by gr3een, order it here.


 What do you need? Approximately 24 sheets of junk mail: this can be magazine sheets, grocery store ads, newspaper, whatever you’d like, as long as they are all the same size, pen or pencil used for rolling guide, scissors, tape (invisible works best), long needle (a yarn needle works best), embroidery floss, two clear CDs (the kind that protect your CD 50 packs), round cardstock circle with hole punched in middle, battery-operated clock mechanism with hands.


 To make a clock, 24 of these tubes will have to be created. Start by taking your pencil or pen, and use it as a guide to roll up your sheet of paper around it.

 Take a long, thick sewing needle, (a yarn needle works best) and thread your embroidery floss through. Pierce the folded pointy end of the folded tube. Color doesn’t matter for the embroidery floss–it won’t show.