What can you do with old T-shirts after use? You can throw them away or make a dust cloth, but you can also use them to create an unique collection of poufs and pillows. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, designers have no limits when it comes to creativity. Moreover, they care about the environment and began to recycle almost everything…like this couple of designers (a Dutch and Thai husband and wife) who made an organic collection of poufs and pillows using re-cycled t-shirt cotton. 

If you want to try this at home, keep in mind the followings: beanbags and other large pillows usually have an inner bag which contains the filling material, then a removable outer bag which is made of the quality fabric which will be visible. The types of filling you can use for beanbags and large pillows include polystyrene beans, genuine beans, fabric scraps, foam (shredded), and, if you’re feeling green, you can also recycle old sweaters or polystyrene food trays.

These kinds of floor seating are also perfect for those who don’t have the room or money for substantial extra furniture – for instance, beanbags are ideal for students heading off to live on their own at college or university.

We believe that both traditional techniques and new interpretations of old traditions bring immeasurable beauty and warmth into the home.

Poufs and pillows…we have always thought of them as the ultimate allies and cradles of comfort. Pillows can be traced as far back as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) and ancient Egypt. 

It comes filled and it is very sturdy!


 And the biggest plus point is that you can let your imagination go wild and create any shape and size of seating you like, and of course you can use fabric to exactly match your current decor!