SUPERFABER Industry is a trade company incorporated in the year 2001, having as main activity object the building of stairs and balustrades.

We receive this description from Bogdan Samoila, architect at SUPERFABER  industry’s:

” SUPERFABER concept:
Contemporary design, modern technology, traditional manufacturing techniques.

We are certain that the quality design makes the difference and this reflects into all our projects.
In short the services we offer are: consultancy, design, execution and installation, warranty.
The creativity is one of the key ingredients for an exclusive stair, but on its own it will not ensure an impeccable result. For stairs having exquisite characteristics SUPERFABER uses a combination of creativity, experience, technical know-how, audacity and an obsession to innovate. Answering to challenges others refuse to undertake we have continued to distinguish ourselves as specialized suppliers of high end stairs.

Both classic and high end models, managing to cover requests coming from natural persons, real estate developers, constructors, architects or from the retail environment can be found among the models of stairs and balustrades produced by SUPERFABER.

Our working system is a very flexible and competitive one. Having trusty collaborators in related fields, we are able to answer efficiently to the challenges of each project, irrespective of its scale.”