Do you like rustic interiors? They are perfect for a countryside mansion or a holiday house on the beach…it’s not necessary to decorate it with expensive furnishings and materials. Most of the items that seem common and unattractive can be transformed in something stylish and catchy if you follow an easy  ‘do it yourself’ program. For example, the photos we present you today have unlimited examples to show you: ropes that can create a semitransparent wall, dividing different areas in your house, balls of yarn that are perfect decorations combined with glass or steel, ropes that can function as handrail or clothes peg in your bathroom. Just take a look over our gallery and select what do you think you can easily practice at home! :)

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 Rope is an easy and accessible item to use in interior decorating…I’m sure any child will love the pieces above!


 Rope does not have to look nautical all the time: choose a darker, coarser rope to get away from the sea-faring look but if nautical is what you want, get a lighter colored cotton rope.

 Perfect for a hanger

 You can use ropes to hang the lamps or other unconventional lighting objects. 

 A combinations that says: ‘I miss my holiday’…ropes and vintage valise.

 You can use ropes for rustic decorations: mirror frames, baskets, vases. 

 Isn’t that rustic enough? The wall created with ropes can be perfect for a minimalist interior, too. 


 That’s a solution when you want to divide space without building up walls.


 All of these photos demonstrate how versatile rope can be in your interior decoration projects. You can use rope functionally (holding up beds, mirrors, as a banister), and also decoratively (coiled around a pedestal table or simply tucked in a clear glass fishbowl).