Belts can become more interesting after their use if you now how to recycle wisely. Some ideas spotted on made me look for information about recycling straps and belts and I realized that most of them can be easily put in practice. There are plenty of old leather belts that have been discarded because of changing tastes, or a part broke, or maybe the original owner just got too fat. :) Perhaps you thrive on figuring out how to transform neglected little tables and chairs into unique pieces of art that you know you’ll never see in another person’s home.  In order to boost the eco-appeal of your latest treasure even more, how about transforming your old leather belts into a woven seat cushion or petite table top? You can also make bracelets from old belts using a laser cutter for decorations or you can wave them to make a chair.

The owner waved some old belts and made a chair. I love the  mix of colors that resulted from dark brown, orange and black belts. 

It reminds me of my patchwork paintings!

 Old belts mixed with denim straps

 A chair for picnics or garden parties…simple and functional!

 And something more robust…it’s perfect for a classic office that needs a modernistic touch.

 The belt was used for a hanging storage item.

 Go ‘vintage’ with some old refurbished pieces of furniture combined with old belts!

The shelves are well fixed. 

 Look how cool they look! They are perfect for a vintage interior or for those who appreciate organic materials.  

 Amazing colors!

 I’m already looking for my old belts to make something similar :) Every item that passes through our hands – while typically designed for a specific purpose – has the potential to receive another functionality when we just take a few minutes to think outside of the box.