A sofa that holds you in its arms while you’re watching your favorite movie? Yes, your dreams came true with the new model realized by Italian furniture brand Campeggi: a convertible sofa called Sosia! From sofa and armchairs to L-shaped conversation nook, face-to-face sitting area, daybed and even a private enclosed space that can be used as a dressing room…the sofa is more than a common piece of furniture. It has become a lovely friend and one of the most wanted objects from the house! Created by Milan-based designer Emanuele Magini this sofa lets you configure its two seats and flexible fabric flap, to accommodate a variety of different seating needs and scenarios.

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 Convertible sofa called ‘Sosia’

A sofa with no legs? Neither arms, nor back? What about a big pillow that can be folded, wrapped, twisted as much as you like? And if it is 360° useful? This is Blandito®! Any time you need a break, snooze or a little bit of sweet idleness, Blandito® fits your body hugging it, yet retaining its shape and nature. It contains a flexible frame, making it soft and malleable. Its cover can be removed and is machine washable. If you want to order it, Blandito® is available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. More information on www.behance.net.

A sleeping bag, a reading corner and a huge playground for kids!

Moody Couch offers a versatile place to rest for all your moods. It invites you to express feelings, causing the product to resemble your moods in various shapes.  Designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting created the seating unit for those wanting to enjoy full relaxation.  Made from quality cotton upholstery material and lined with wadding, the textile cover of the Moody Couch favours relaxation and comfort.

Time to experience different moods!

Nest resulted form a modern reinterpretation of a traditional futon (traditional Japanese mattress) and it was designed for small spaces. It easily transforms between a lounge chair and a guest bed and consists of nothing but a high quality futon mattress!

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