Glass decorations? They are always a perfect choice when you want to make something common look a little bit sophisticated. Italian brand Vetrovivo has a large collection of leaves and flowers glass mosaic that expresses sensibility, love for aesthetic and elegance. The models we present you today are taken from a project named Nature and they were manufactured borrowing lines and colors from natural environment. Versatile, it perfectly fits to the various demands and to the personal tastes by offering a wide range of solutions for limitless uses. With Nature, Vetrovivo reconfirms the unique style, the quality and the innovative strength that distinguish all its production. Actually Vetrovivo, addresses to a shrewd consumer, who is always searching for new solutions for a formal experimentation and a tailoring quality.

Also see the glass gardening collection by Shane Powers for West Elm and read an article about creating sculptural forms with glass by Amanda Notarianni. Last, but not least, a bedroom with glass floor over the water.


 Perfect for a romantic bathroom! A crystal chandelier will perfectly integrate in this decor and some white candles will make your experience enjoyable!

 Golden insertions make the difference! 

A wall that creates an elegant hallway for your house. As you can easily notice, fragments from this model were repeated on the parquet. Try to design your bathroom unique, modern and stylish! With pieces of glass mosaic leaves and flowers, you’ll add value to some common stoneware.

Glass mosaic near the shower cabin

 Geometric drawings of different sizes near the bathtub will create a fantasy atmosphere.

 It looks like a picture taken in the forest! A lovable combination of green, orange and brown.

 The sink is beautified with glass decorative mosaic. I love the light blue that creates a refreshing atmosphere!

Brown and golden flowers 

 Golden insertions make me feel like I entered the mansion of a Pharaoh!