Do you want to animate your children’s universe? The lamp that combines artistically a light bulb and a wall sticker is the perfect choice! The models we present you today can be ordered from  here and they represent two funny cartoon characters that will change the atmosphere in the room. If your child loves animals, you can transform his passion into something both beautiful and functional: you don’t have to buy plush puppies or hang drawings on the wall all the time!

Moreover, these lamps are easy to do at home! If you don’t want to spend money on them or if you simply want to learn something, try to realize them together with your kid. All you need is a round shape lamp that should represent the face of the character and some colors to paint its body on the wall! If you know what your little girl or boy likes most at her/ his favorite cartoon, try to create fragments of those fantastic worlds at home. Funny faces that hide a spot of light are an original way to change the atmosphere in a room.

 The lamps have engaging designs and colors that will add atmosphere and fun – even when they’re turned off.

 As simple as that! Wall stickers complete the body of the character you’ve chosen to transform in a funny wall lamp!

 The lamps we present you today can also function as nightlights for everyone who’s still a little scared of the dark.