Who said designers lost their sources of inspiration? Dezignlover.com proves they still have limits to exceed when it comes to lighting design. A new creation in the art of illumination, the match lamp is a museum exhibit in your own home. With a wooden stand and two plastic tips (red & white) which resemble a giant matchstick leaning against your wall, the match lamp is an enlightening installation piece.  The Match Lamp was realized by Thai designer Chaiyut Plypetch, the design-director from Propagandist Co. LTD. Their items  were already honoured with several design awards, like the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the Red Dot Award and the Form Design Award.

Propaganda collaborated with Hara Museum of Contemporary Art from Tokyo to create a special THINK CAFE in the museum’s Cafe d’Art. Established in Bangkok in 1994, Propaganda has continuously received high acclaim in Europe and the United States, winning Good Design Awards on several occasions.

When the head of the match is attached this lamp is almost 6 feet tall. It’s a lamp which can not only confuse senses but it is carefully designed as well. Hope you would like it as much as we do. 

 Made of a wooden stand and a plastic tip, the Match Lamp is truly an “enlightening” installation for your home.

This “museum piece” looks like a giant matchstick leaning against your wall.